About Me

I’m a lawyer, executive, and (former) software developer, specializing in open source licensing, product counseling, technology transactions, and community strategy.

What am I up to?

I’m currently the co-founder of Tidelift, where we’re creating a new way to support and use open source software.

About me: work

Before Tidelift, I was lucky to work on some of the most high-profile technology projects in the world, including:

About me: life

I’m married to, and have a beautiful son with, Krissa Nichols.

I used to be a very active Lego Mindstorms (legOS) hacker.

I went to Duke, where I was a Cameron Crazy, and studied political science and computer science. I was lucky enough to have some brilliant profs like John BrehmTom SpragensScott de MarchiKaren StennerMichael Littman, and Owen Astrachan.

I grew up in sunny, green Coral Gables, Florida.

Not Me

You may have come here looking for another Luis Villa.

I am not Luis Villa, Jr., MD, an oncologist (and also my father).

I also am not Luis Villa, a Spaniard usability expert (and ex-lawyer).

If you’re another Luis Villa, drop a note and say hi! :)