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Bob Cohn of ESPNnet, speaking of Stanford-
"In one corner is No. 5 Stanford, at 18-0 one of just two unbeaten teams in the nation, perhaps on the verge of being known as Duke West because of its               successful marriage of academic and athletic excellence."
"After Dean Smith dies and enters the Pearly Gates of Heaven, God takes him
on a tour.  He shows Dean a little two-bedroom house with a faded Tarheel
Banner hanging from the front porch and a worn-out tarheel mat at the door.

"This is YOUR house, Coach.  Most people don't get their own houses up
here" God says.

Dean looks at the house pensively, then turns around and looks at this
gorgeous house sitting on top of the hill.  It's a huge two-story mansion
with tall white marble columns with little patios under all the windows.
Duke flags line both sides of the sidewalk and there's a huge Blue Devil
banner hanging between the marble columns.

Dean says, "Thanks for the house, God, but I'm puzzled-- let me ask you a
question... I get this dinky little two-bedroom house with a faded banner,
and Mike Krzyzewski gets a mansion with new Duke flags and with new Blue
Devil banners flying all over the place..... How come??"

God looks at him seriously for a moment, the with a big smile says,

"Dean, that's not Krzyzewski's house--- that's Mine!"