What Isn't a Bugmaster?

Given my description, the temptation can be to see the bugmaster as an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-dancing QA god. This just isn't the case- a bugmaster is a specific role within a QA group, granted, one with more knowledge and more scope than the average QA person, but there are things that they shouldn't be doing.

traditional QA- a bugmaster is not responsible for creating bugs. The bugmaster is definitely concerned about the quality of the product and so will use it as much as possible and file bugs whenever appropriate, but their primary task is to understand and clarify incoming bugs from other sources (QA or volunteer users) and not to provide them themselves.
management- a great bugmaster has many of the qualities of a manager, and is probably typically a good candidate to become management in the future, but a bugmaster who is also a manager can easily become a nag instead of an assistant, and a neutral bugmaster who is seen to represent hackers, users and management equally is likely to be more respected by all parties, making them more useful.