CoolStuff * nat: celestia was cool (dave too, because he is lame) ;) * bryan clark: new stuff going on- updates/descriptions were about things he'd seen, new things were more exciting- dan w. thinks some of the updates were still useful, because not everyone had heard of everything going on * joe shaw: see people again who we don't see, thinks social stuff is the best part * rml: building was cool * chris: tom(butt)boy, beagle magic * adam belay: first summit- useful, great talking with gnome developers and hearing how kernel is used * f-spot is cool * jp5: being able to talk to people with similar interests/etc. thought the kernel stuff that we don't normally follow * mark g.: feels more capable to help, having been part of the social aspect of the summit- probably important for new developers to come to summits so that they have the social context * author of buttboy: nice to talk to people who were excited about things, think about ideas, 'refreshing' to see utility in real people, despite it being a small app - cool to see people who like computers trying to make things better * sgarrity: people pretty open, despite it being his first talk. liked beagle demo- particularly live results, IM conversations * ian mcintosh(sp?): 'first, hopefully not my last'- meeting people helps future participation, understands finally how to pronounce guhnome. understands what people are working on. brainstorming sessions were fun, hopefully helpful to developers. good to see interest in marketing talk, cool to see it spill over until second session. hopes that marketing talk folks will keep in contact * chris aillon: cool thing was interest in marketing, liked speed talks * leon shiman: see if anyone was interested in, found 2; marketing meeting was interesting, because looking hard at same things have had. just prior to linux world, there will be a technical meeting in boston for, other people will be invited. [ed.: maybe in future and gnome summits should be aligned?] * miguel: being able to discuss with other people good * owen: speed talks were best- good if more core projects were discussed there * jody: blackboards all over, having everyone in room for impromptu three-people meetings * jrb: speedtalks/tomboy * DV: meeting people in person, speedtalks (suggests format of only 15-minute talks, get interest and discussion) * chris lee: KDE developer (ed: sucks inherently) * chris cheney: kde/debian- good to meet people, learn more about gnome- agrees that chris sucks * speed talks highlight- * gnoetry * interesting to see that gnome is moving down the stack, with increased system integration, etc. * jakub: building totally rocks, wide-angle lens ;) * tim: was impressed we basically did it in three weeks- wiki for planning, format was good