co-working cafe in Manhattan

Interesting. Gregor talked about doing a co-working cafe in Boston some time ago, and it sounded interesting then; it sounds more interesting now that it is very real in Manhattan. I no longer exactly fit the intended target market of “entrepreneurs, designers, programmers and technologists”, but I’ll certainly try to sneak down there for a work day some time in October (probably a Friday since I have no classes.)

[By way of a long Chris Messina post on co-working.]

stone barns with green market

Stone Barns

To wrap up what has really been a stunning weekend Krissa and I went to have a cookout at a Green Market co-worker’s house. This co-worker happens to live right behind Stone Barns, a big (new-ish) farm-focused educational center with a fairly swanky food concession. I had a great time- lots of cool Green Market people who I’d heard a lot about but not been able to meet before, and a beautiful day to get out into the country a bit.

Ate like a king.

Ate like a king (despite the lack of ‘meat’ at the supposed bbq ;)- when you work with a bunch of people who are obsessed about food, it turns out that the company parties feed you very, very well. I’m still bursting.

Chickens. Lots and lots of chickens.

This is beautiful farm country that feels like a world away despite being about 50 minutes from my front door. If you’re in New York, and have a chance before the weather turns, you owe it to yourself to spend a day out there. More pictures here.

trying to enjoy New York

Good: I spent the morning in line for Shakespeare in the Park. Great to enjoy a little bit of what the city has to offer.

I somehow seem to end up in lines a lot.

Impromptu Shakespearean puppet show by awesome line monitor/vendor dude.

Bad(?): my light enjoyment reading while waiting in line was “The Antitrust Enterprise: Principle and Execution”. This is optional reading for my Antitrust class. Yes, I’m that big a dork.

link dump, before I brave the torrential downpour

It is pouring out. I’d meant to go to Duke Gardens and start on Wealth of Networks again, but clearly not going to happen today. Instead, a quick linkdump and then a search for some local foraging.

last day in New York

Managed to make the last day in New York pretty stereotypical:

  • wait 25 minutes for a bus that should come every 12: check
  • switch trains in order to save yourself a two-block walk, end up waiting 20 extra minutes: check
  • take a cab ride which makes you violently nauseous: check
  • go to a spectacularly beautiful Olmsted-ian park: check
  • go to (a branch of) the Met; see plundered but incredibly beautiful and unique works of art: check
  • have a dinner that would be hard to have anywhere else, featuring steak tartar topped with ice cream, freeze dried mustard, and pretzel consomme: check

Also spent a big chunk of the day packing and doing laundry; leave for North Carolina in… well, about 15 minutes if you count the ride to the airport. Will miss Krissa a lot but am really looking forward to the summer job. And I think she is looking forward to an excuse to visit the Triangle again :)

Next week I’ll be basically completely offline and in the mountains around Asheville, so if you’re looking to get in touch with me, leave a message after the beep.

two more links, literally about wandering this time

My old co-worker Ethan (who is blessing New York with his global presence next week) has written a piece about ‘the post-national’ people who are his friends. It includes some thinking about the implications of a growing post-national class- particularly one which is post-national not because they hate their countries, but because they love all the rest- xenophiliacs, in other words. No one has invited me to Davos yet, and I’m not lucky/cursed enough to travel as much as Ethan does, but in other ways I recognize myself in there, and I certainly recognize some friends in there. The internet has let us become globally-oriented creatures, and it is a wonderful thing.

Ethan’s friend’s term for the people most caught up in this- the ‘moving circus’- reminded me also of Charles Stross’s short story ‘Lobsters’, which later became the CC-NC-ND-licensed novel Accelerando. I’m not brilliant or creative enough to become Manfred (the title character of Lobsters), but Ethan might be- and if not, he’ll meet Manfred pretty early in his career

St. Johns under the lights of Elton John

I don’t usually consider myself jealous of extreme wealth, but outside my window tonight is one of those times. Apparently Elton John is throwing his 60th birthday party at St. John the Divine, the cathedral across the street from my apartment. The paparazzi are out in force; I can hear the screaming fans when particularly famous people arrive. (My superintendent told me that he saw Angelina Jolie and Paul McCartney; all the people in the right side of the picture below are paparazzi.)


But that isn’t what made me jealous. What made me jealous is that he has put giant spotlights behind the cathedral, such that the guests inside can see the stained glass even though it is the middle of the night. That is something I may never get to see, so yeah, I’m a little jealous. I wandered out in the rain to see if I could get interesting pictures of the cathedral under the spotlights. Some came out pretty nicely, I think.

stained glass by spotlight from the outside

I’m not much for focusing on the wealth disparities in our country. But it is hard not to when on one side of the cathedral there are limos, and on the other side, right under Elton’s spotlights, there is barbed wire to keep out Harlem.

Barbed wire- wouldn't want Harlem to get inside.

More pictures here. The Columbia student paper blog notes that there is some irony in holding your birthday party in a cathedral when you’ve apparently said you would like to ban religion completely. :)

(Krissa is out of town, else I probably wouldn’t be posted in the middle of a saturday night ;)

Moglen speaking tonight

Thanks to the excellent InfoLaw NYC calendar, I just discovered that Prof. Moglen is speaking tonight at NYU Law School. The talk is titled “The Empire & the iPhone: ‘Technology Platforms,’ the Commons, and the Way We Live Now.” I’ll be going- hope to see folks there.

[Tangent: is there any way to get notifications when new events are added to a public/shared ical calendar? I would not have noticed this event if I hadn’t had my own event to add to the calendar today.]