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  1. pathetic, part II

    My system failed to functionally come back from suspend yesterday, which appears to have cost me a substantial part of what was the final draft of my wedding vows and ceremony. This is the second time in the past few months I’ve lost big chunks of important work because of a system crash. Maslow’s Hierarchy…

  2. who writes the kernel^W gnome?

    The new ‘who writes the kernel’ paper is out; an interesting read as always. I’m still waiting for someone to take the scripts and run the same analysis for GNOME, especially since GNOME’s data is all in git now. Should be a short project for someone, I’d think, and very valuable for the community as…

  3. thanks, friends

    A few days before the bar I got a ‘wish you were here’ postcard from Gran Canaria. I promise I only choked up a little bit. :) It meant a lot to me. Thanks to everyone who signed it- I miss you guys (and gals) too :)

  4. FLOSS Law Review

    I thought I was done with law review blogging for a while, but apparently not! The International FLOSS Law Review has just published their first issue, with what looks to be a fair number of interesting articles. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

  5. LWN interview on Stormy and other subjects

    This weekend Linux Weekly News interviewed me on a variety of topics, but primarily on Stormy and GNOME’s finances. It has now been posted. It is behind the LWN paywall for now, but will be available more generally in the future. (I urge everyone to subscribe to LWN; it is an excellent publication.) In the…

  6. gourmet!

    New GNOME Journal is out, and with it is a nice article on gourmet. Gourmet is a pretty awesome little piece of software and deserves more users and more love. Go check it out, and cook something yummy for yourself. :)

  7. thoughtlessness in open source

    I think professionalism is usually bullshit, and I like it when people have a thick skin. Making people uncomfortable can even be useful if it helps shock people into looking at problems in a new way. I’ve been fairly consistently against behavior codes in open source projects, and I know I’ve on occasion even been…

  8. a rumbling about X QA

    As I rebooted this morning as a result of RH bug 4733471 two serious questions popped into my head: do any of the major core X contributors2 employ a full-time X QA person? As far as I know the answer is ‘no’ but I’d love to be wrong. would a full-time X QA person funded…

  9. upcoming GNOME board elections

    As some have noticed, my upcoming ‘free time’ suggests that I might be able to run for the board again, when I said during my last candidacy statement that I’d be running for one term and one term only. While I’ll still be available to help the Foundation out on some legal tasks, I will…

  10. sudoku!

    I’m not sure when this happened, exactly, but GNOME sudoku got a heck of a lot better at one point. It was always functional, but the new(?) start screen, color highlighting of rows, and multiple printing are all quite nice. And the post-win colors are only minorly seizure-inducing. :) Kudos and thanks.