My Wikimania 2014 talks

Primarily what I did during Wikimania was chew on pens.

Discussing Fluid Lobbying at Wikimania 2014, by Sebastiaan ter Burg, under CC BY 2.0

However, I also gave some talks.

The first one was on Creative Commons 4.0, with Kat Walsh. While targeted at Wikimedians, this may be of interest to others who want to learn about CC 4.0 as well.

Second one was on Open Source Hygiene, with Stephen LaPorte. This one is again Wikimedia-specific (and I’m afraid less useful without the speaker notes) but may be of interest to open source developers more generally.

The final one was on sharing; video is below (and I’ll share the slides once I figure out how best to embed the notes, which are pretty key to understanding the slides):

9 thoughts on “My Wikimania 2014 talks”

  1. Regarding page 26ff. of “Open Source Hygiene”, what is the problem with the current GPL boilerplate? Has the topic been discussed with FSF lawyers, and what is their stance on this?

    1. Couple things:

      1. Unnecessarily lengthy.
      2. Practices are all over the place about what to do about things like copyright year, authorship, etc.
      3. Doesn’t match what other licenses do, so unless you say “use the GPL-style header for Apache code”, you’ve got inconsistency problems.

      The SFLC is aware of some of the issues, and the standard header I’ve recommended for some WMF projects is based on their recommendations in as well as some discussions with Richard Fontana, who has been heavily involved in GPL v3.

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