Sponsoring a GNOME hacker (oops!)

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While I was moving, and taking the bar exam, and getting married, and all the other stuff I did last year, it turns out I screwed up. People had sponsored me through GNOME’s adopt a hacker program, and I… well, I botched it- the postcards people had signed up for fell through the cracks.

No longer! My apologies go out to:

  • Owen
  • Eetu
  • Sergio
  • Eduardo
  • Chris
  • Jon
  • Robert
  • Donald
  • Markus

Your postcards are finally, I promise, in the mail; though admittedly my handwriting is illegible at the best of times so you’ll have to take my word for it that the postcards are thoughtful and meaningful :)

For everyone else: now is a great time to force me (or other hackers) to write you! You get the warm, glossy postcard, as well as the warm, glossy feeling of having helped get GNOME folks together to work on your software.

1 thought on “Sponsoring a GNOME hacker (oops!)”

  1. Hi, I received your postcard today and that’s *so* cool! Also, you’re welcome, you’re welcome ;)

    I hope I’ll get the days off to visit The Hague, am burning in curiosity what’s to see and hear about =]

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