thunderbird plugin I suddenly want

I’d love a thunderbird plugin (or really just a feature) that says “you were bcc’d on this email- are you sure you want to reply to all and accidentally disclose that you were bcc’d?”

(And yes, of course that means I did that today- pretty sure the first time in a very long career of email that I’ve done that. Doh.)

11 thoughts on “thunderbird plugin I suddenly want”

  1. In the meanwhile, you could add a filter that labels your message a certain way if you are neither in the To: nor Cc: list.

  2. Maybe a complementary feature that when you ask it to “BCC” it instead automatically sends a separate email with the original recipient info appended as text. Because the person who sent the BCC would have looked just as foolish as you in this situation.

  3. This sounds simple but might be tricky; bcc is usually indistinguishable from having a mail bounced to you (in the sense of the word that’s used in Mutt), having a mail forwarded to you as an attachment then detaching it, or receiving a mail to an address of yours that Thunderbird doesn’t know about ( when Thunderbird only knows, or that forwards to via a .forward).

    I fairly frequently use “bounce” in Mutt at work, for the following situation:

    * colleague A isn’t on mailing list yet (perhaps they’re new to the company or to that project), but I am
    * a mail requires their attention
    * they subscribe, but too late to get that mail
    * I bounce the mail to them
    * they reply to the list and carry on as if they had been subscribed all along

  4. I usually just forward the email after I’ve sent it? Which get’s around this problem.

    I guess you could change Thunderbird’s BCC to forward the sent item instead of relying on the mail server and your secret copyees…

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