hello planet mozilla!

Hello planet mozilla! As the class notice said, I am a long-time moz lurker, first-time poster, and I’m really excited to be joining mozilla.

factoids, possibly relevant:

  • My college next-door neighbor downloaded the first mozilla source release. He couldn’t get it to build. He was (still is) a genius, and I’m not, so if he couldn’t build it, I sure as heck wasn’t going to touch the code with a ten-foot pole. I decided to help out by doing bug triage instead. You can see my first full contribution here.
  • My first job title was ‘bugmaster’; I have also answered to ‘geek in residence.’
  • Two summers during college I was able to say ‘I am paid to play with legos’. The results are here and here.
  • IAAL, as of a couple of weeks ago. My strong, strong advice to you: don’t go to law school. If it is good for you (like it was to me), it can be great, but for the vast majority of people, it isn’t the right thing to do. Trust me on this.
  • My wife spent two years in a village of 800 people in Africa and then three years working for the farmer’s market in New York.
  • After growing up in Miami but spending time in Boston and Manhattan, my goal is to continue to move south. If Harvey will let me work remotely from Costa Rica, that will be just fine, but in the mean time Mountain View and San Francisco will be acceptable.
  • I did Linux desktop stuff for 8 years of my life; it left me with an appreciation of how difficult it is to design good GUIs and maintain large code bases, and with an appreciation of how rewarding it can be to do what you love with good people beside you.
  • I once spent eight weeks in a tent to go to a basketball game. It was totally worth it.
  • I had the horrible realization last week that even though I hate wearing suits I have basically become one.
me, in a suit, at the Supreme Court for oral arguments in Grokster
me, in a suit, at the Supreme Court for oral arguments in Grokster

what I’m doing with Moz

I’m working with Harvey and Julie on a variety of things, possibly including sexy things like the MPL, trademark, and legal community building, and certainly also mundane but important stuff like bandwidth contracts. I hope to blog about a lot of it, but of course lots of it is privileged/confidential, and even more of it is boring, so we’ll see how that goes :)

how to find me

I’m pretty easy to find via email. I’ll also probably lurk in mozilla IRC once I figure out the right places. Say hi; unlike most lawyers I don’t bite.