starting fresh with mozilla

After some bumps in the road which delayed my start by a week, I started today in the legal department at Mozilla. Last night I lost a little sleep worrying if this was the right thing for me, but after a day around the office (during an all-hands meeting, no less) I’m pretty much glowing. The projects I’ve already been charged with are interesting and important (more on those very soon, I expect); the other things going on are relevant (as someone said ‘we get to change the world every day, though some days more than others’); and the energy and enthusiasm are infectious. And of course it doesn’t hurt to be able to work with old friends.

Albino Alligator 2008 by Mila Zinkova, used under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license

Also, there are reports that my boss wrestled an albino alligator after dinner; reports were conflicting over whether he bested the beast with his bare hands or if he merely threatened to subpoena it. So yeah… things are interesting.

Weird moment of the day: get introduced at a meeting. Guy across table: ‘wait, are you the Luis Villa?’ me: ‘probably?’ Meeting then starts immediately. Turns out a sure-fire way to make a meeting seem very long is to leave a statement like that unexplained and hanging over your head the whole meeting… :) Led to a great conversation later, though, as did basically everything else all day.

10 thoughts on “starting fresh with mozilla”

  1. After reading you for long time in the Gnome planet I’m really happy for you, and it’s weird because I don’t know you at all. Oh, really? :)

    Congratulations! You’re that famous!

  2. Congrats Luis. Enjoy your new adventure!
    Does that mean you’re a west coast guy now?
    And do we count this as GNOME people invading Mozilla or do we count this as Mozilla stealing GNOME people?

  3. Yeah, I’m in Mountain View/San Francisco now (hopefully living in San Francisco, though working in Mountain View.) I don’t think anyone is stealing, especially since no one was volunteering to pay me to be a GNOME lawyer ;) I imagine I’ll still find at least some time to help out with GNOME; we’ll see, though.

  4. Yoav: Definitely going to blog quite a bit! Unfortunately my projects are sort of split right now between ‘small contracts that are a great learning experience for me but boring for everyone else’ and ‘one project that is so hugely awesome that it can’t quite be blogged yet’ ;) Hopefully soon, though.

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