software freedom rainmaking

A little over a year ago, I formally introduced John Resig of jquery fame to Brad Kuhn of the Software Freedom Conservancy. I was therefore very pleased to see today that jquery has joined the Conservancy.

Rain Making on me and Krissa in Tongariro

Rain Making on me and Krissa in Tongariro

Sadly no one gives me a partnership cut of this rainmaking but I will feel very good about it tonight nevertheless.

4 thoughts on “software freedom rainmaking”

  1. They’ve actually been in the Conservancy for a while now, we just had failed to coordinate the official announcement (John informally announced it a while back). Thanks very much for the introduction. As for “rain”, we don’t generate all that much in the non-profit world; Conservancy has no staff and all my time on it is strictly volunteer. Perhaps the right word is “relationship brokering”?

  2. To paraphrase Futurama, I enjoy being “technically correct — the best kind of correct.” Anyway, as a literalist I immediately regretted my last comment as “relationship brokering” is not a word, but a phrase. The fact that you did not point this out may indicate that you aren’t a literalist. :)

  3. Small world, my new wife and I just hiked to that waterfalls (Taranaki Falls) while on our honeymoon!

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