software freedom rainmaking

A little over a year ago, I formally introduced John Resig of jquery fame to Brad Kuhn of the Software Freedom Conservancy. I was therefore very pleased to see today that jquery has joined the Conservancy.

Rain Making on me and Krissa in Tongariro

Sadly no one gives me a partnership cut of this rainmaking but I will feel very good about it tonight nevertheless.

4 thoughts on “software freedom rainmaking”

  1. They’ve actually been in the Conservancy for a while now, we just had failed to coordinate the official announcement (John informally announced it a while back). Thanks very much for the introduction. As for “rain”, we don’t generate all that much in the non-profit world; Conservancy has no staff and all my time on it is strictly volunteer. Perhaps the right word is “relationship brokering”?

  2. To paraphrase Futurama, I enjoy being “technically correct — the best kind of correct.” Anyway, as a literalist I immediately regretted my last comment as “relationship brokering” is not a word, but a phrase. The fact that you did not point this out may indicate that you aren’t a literalist. :)

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