contacting me in the next two and a half months

As many of you know, Krissa and I moved out of New York early this month, and we will not have a permanent home again until some time in early December. This will make contacting us before then a bit tricky. Here is everything we can tell you should you want to say hi, scream at us, etc. :)

the itinerary:
We are in California right now and will be here all month, though often traveling/camping and so out of email range. We’ll get married next weekend, and then we’ll be out of the country on honeymoon from October 1st to November 22nd. I will start work at Mozilla Dec. 1st, and resume normal email/phone habits somewhere around then.

Overflowing Mailbox (Postal Loathing, by Justin, used under CC-BY-SA)

Overflowing Mailbox (Postal Loathing, by Justin, used under CC-BY-SA)

I will check my email as often as possible, but we generally won’t be staying in hotels with wifi and I will not use my phone to check email like I normally do, so ‘as often as possible’ may be ‘not very often’. I also reserve the right to remember that I’m on honeymoon and go, say, seven weeks without checking ;)

Note that I will check *only* email addressed directly to my primary email addresses (at gmail and at tieguy). Email to other addresses (such as, to mailing lists, or that is bcc’d to me will get filtered and I will almost certainly never read it, even on my return. So if you think that when I return I need to see an email that went to a list, forward it to me off-list.

We will generally not have our phones turned on for most of the trip, but our voicemail will redirect to Google Voice, and so it will be automatically transcribed, and then emailed and texted to us. We’ll try to check those texts and emails as regularly as possible.

hotel phone numbers:
In case of emergency, our parents will have copies of our full itineraries including phone numbers for our hotels. Please contact our parents to get those phone numbers if you absolutely must get in touch with us on a specific day or time.

snail mail:
During these three months, mail or packages can be sent to us care of Krissa’s father and step-mother. We probably will not see these until late November, and Bob and Janna are being very generous to put up with this mail, so try to avoid using this address unless definitely necessary. You can get that address by emailing me; it’ll be in the auto-response.

Look forward to seeing you on the other side…

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  1. that sounds tremendous. i wonder if i can persuade kate to take that much time off ;)

    but in all seriousness, have fun, enjoy the time, and we’ll keep the light on for you until you get back.

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