today was a good day

Today was a good day, except for wordpress and gallery3 seemingly disliking me greatly:

  • confirmed some plans for the Greek leg of the honeymoon
  • got marriage license
  • had my first phone call with my little sister since she left for college. Sounds like she’s having a great time, which is good since I’ll always feel partially responsible for her choice of schools :)
  • discovered I’m having dinner at Yoshi’s later this week
  • had a nice swim. In the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle. Sort of surreal:

Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle
So yeah… today was a good day.

7 thoughts on “today was a good day”

  1. Impressive photo. Very beautiful place. Is it a public place that anyone can take a bath ?

  2. WOW! Although my preference would be the indoor pool round the other side of the castle :-)

    Did you also get to have dinner there, or watch a movie, or anything like that?

  3. Looks like you’re having a great September. I saw this pool when I was a kid and have thought about it longingly from time to time. Congrats on getting married!

  4. No other stuff, Paul, just pool and out- it was a ‘thank you’ event for park employees that we got to sneak into.

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