life in a nutshell right now

Some friends have admitted to some confusion as to where I am living right now. More details in later posts, but the nutshell version:

1) Krissa and I no longer live in New York.

2) tomorrow night, we sleep in our fifth bed in seven nights.

It does get a little more normal from here on out, sort of. Tomorrow night’s bed is at Krissa’s dad’s place in California, which we will call home for the rest of September while we prepare for the wedding and honeymoon. October and November we will be out of the country on honeymoon. Best bet for contacting us during this whole period is direct email; twitter, facebook, phone, etc., just aren’t going to cut it, and messages which are sent over mailing lists or other email which does not have my email address in the ‘to’ or ‘cc’ field is likely never going to be read.

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