who writes the kernel^W gnome?

The new ‘who writes the kernel’ paper is out; an interesting read as always. I’m still waiting for someone to take the scripts and run the same analysis for GNOME, especially since GNOME’s data is all in git now. Should be a short project for someone, I’d think, and very valuable for the community as a whole to better understand who contributes and why.

5 thoughts on “who writes the kernel^W gnome?”

  1. Not quite as simple as it sounds: the kernel project involved contacting a lot of people to correlate names and email addresses to affiliations.

  2. The email part would be fairly trivial to do, really; the number of active contributors is not really that large, especially when you can knock out the ones from @novell, @rh, etc., fairly quickly.

    A bigger problem, pointed out over email, is that ‘GNOME’ is really a very large number of git repos, not a single one like kernel. So dealing with that would be some pain.

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