rome travel advice request

Now that all my European friends are back from their fun in the sun:

Does anyone have a recommendation of a hotel near the train station in Rome? It will be for just one night, coming in by train the night before and leaving by plane at 10am the next morning. Cheap is good, clean is good. Small and unattached bathroom is fine- it’s just me. Since mostly this is just a bed in between train and airport, convenience to train station is good too :)

Alternately, offers of couches are welcome, though as far as I can think off the top of my head I don’t know any Romans :)

Thanks in advance…

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  1. I’ve stayed twice at Best Western Hotel Universo[1] and I’ve been extremely happy. It’s a 2min walk to Termini station (Central train station).

    Price was okay, although I booked a “special offer” IIRC.


  2. Try writing an email to my address: matteo -AT-
    I’ll see if I can manage to have a stay to a friend of mine in Rome. I’ll contact her as soon as possible.

    In which day would it be? She works in the Italian Parliament, so it should be between Monday-Friday timeframe.

  3. …by the way, if I manage a meeting, it would probably be beneficial for both; she’s a centre-left wing member of parliament which is interested in freedom in the media, too.

    It could be the beginning of a collaboration.

  4. The Termini Station is one of the worst place in Italy in terms of criminality. Keep your eyes open.

  5. itdoesn’t: I think every European city I’ve ever been in (except Kristiansand ;) has told me that their city has ‘more pickpockets than anywhere else in Europe, be very careful.’ :) But I am usually fairly good about these things anyway, despite my skepticism, so thanks for the reminder.

    Faidon, ibart: thanks for the tips, I will look into them.

    Matteo: check your email :)

  6. Hi Luis! I live in Rome near Termini (via Sannio). If you want i have a free couch

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