easy openoffice self-collaboration?

I’ve got an openoffice document that I need to edit on more than one machine (probably on Linux and XP; long story about why I have to use multiple machines/multiple OSs but hopefully it isn’t a long-term thing.)

I can’t use abi/abicollab or google docs because this is a very, very large document (100-150 pages, mostly in outline form, w/large auto-generated ToC), which in my experience both abi and google docs don’t do well with.

So OpenOffice it is. But is there any way to do that across the two machines more easily/efficiently than just mailing the file back and forth? Does OOo for XP support webdav, for example? Or is there a clean/easy solution to dump OOo files into proper RCS? Open to any and all suggestions, thanks.

(By the way, weave makes doing this for my moz data really pretty nice, and since it is encrypted on the server side, it avoids the problems I just posted about. I look forward to their identity solution.)