The Plan, for now

Lots and lots of friends gave me good feedback on my ‘free time’ post of a couple months ago, so I thought it would make sense to say something now that I actually have some semblance of a plan :) Specifically, among other options, Orrick oferred me a stipend to work on legal issues at a non-profit from Jan. ’10 to Jan. ’11, and then return to Orrick at the end of that period1.

I’ve decided to take Orrick up on that offer, and I’m very excited that the non-profit I’m going to work with is Mozilla. I’ll be working with Moz’s general counsel, Harvey Anderson, on a variety of issues; some of them of broad interest (which I’ll discuss more here once appropriate) but some (hopefully) of the nitty-gritty unpleasant type that all lawyers are expected to handle, and which I’d like to get some experience doing. Hopefully it’ll leave me some time on the side to write and publish a bit, and maybe even read some fiction for fun, which I’ve done damnably little of since August 2006.

Since I won’t start until December, there will still be some time to travel and get married in there- plans for that are still up in the air but will probably involve some hiking and camping in Canada pre-wedding and (maybe?) Asia post-wedding.

Thanks again to all of my friends who gave suggestions and advice on what to do next; it was all very appreciated and considered at great length.

  1. assuming Orrick is still functional, economy on rebound by then, etc., etc. I see no reason to believe otherwise, but then again the economy is unusual. []

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