upcoming GNOME board elections

As some have noticed, my upcoming ‘free time’ suggests that I might be able to run for the board again, when I said during my last candidacy statement that I’d be running for one term and one term only. While I’ll still be available to help the Foundation out on some legal tasks, I will not be running again- it is time for me to focus on what comes next, regardless of the details of what that is.

In the mean time, I’m excited that at my instigation we’re moving to preferential voting. I think this will give us a more representative board and reduce strategic voting, and I think those are both good things. I look forward to casting my vote as a ‘mere’ member for some very good candidates.

If you’re involved, and feel like you want to help lead and steward the resources of the Foundation, you should definitely considering becoming a candidate yourself. Vincent’s post says it better than I can, but of course, if you’ve got questions, feel free to contact me.

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