I’m not sure when this happened, exactly, but GNOME sudoku got a heck of a lot better at one point. It was always functional, but the new(?) start screen, color highlighting of rows, and multiple printing are all quite nice. And the post-win colors are only minorly seizure-inducing. :) Kudos and thanks.

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  1. Its a feature reach interface yes but personally i dont see the point of having all those fancy colorings and “helper” features. Most of them make the filling just a bit too easy.

    Also, computer generated sudokus *usually* dont have the same kinda “feeling” in them because they are typically just random numbers here and there where the hand-made ones typically follow a certain pattern.

    EightyOne is my favourite implementation –

  2. gnome sudoko is the best! I especially appreciate the awesome printing support. I have to figure out a way to get this on mac os x since my mom is a sudoko addict and that’s what she uses.

  3. Glad you like the features — thanks!

    The printing, colorings and helper features have been a part of GNOME Sudoku since before it was accepted into gnome-games, so those aren’t too new.

    But the screen you see when you first open up was dreamed up at a Boston GNOME Summit by Nathan I-forget-his-last-name-but-he-still-has-my-mouse. I was trying to figure out how to fix the resume-old-game/start-new-game UI and was ready to go to a “Save as…” file-based interface when he stepped in. Once he drew his vision for the UI, I had no choice but to implement it (damn him!).

    The seizure-inducing colors may also have been his idea — I remember talking about them as a joke, then deciding it was just too much fun not too do. After all, shouldn’t all games end with dopey animations?

    1. Yeah, all the gnome-games should be more celebratory when you win/get a high score. Perhaps more tastefully, but I’m glad it has something :) Thanks again!

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