slight innovation followup

Dan: my goal in ranting is to increase the amount of innovation being delivered to users. So if the idea is 30 years old, but I can’t use it because I’m not part of this ‘bunch’, please carry on ;)

More seriously, I do hope the process of producting a new gnome-shell provides an innovation model we can build on- it would be terrific to see conscious thinking about building a repeatable process as well as the code. So far the process seems to be admirably JFDI-based, and the javascript does seem to be lowering the barrier to participation, which is terrific. I did hear suggestions that there was a dispiriting amount of bikeshedding in the conversations which took place at Summit, so maybe we still need to develop better norms and practices around that. And I’m not sure where (if?) there is a place for designers in the process- some of the ideas seem to have come out of RH’s internal design folks, but I’m not clear on that.

Of course, this looks a lot like bikeshedding itself, doesn’t it, so maybe those guys should just ignore me altogether. Dan, please unsubscribe from my blog ;)

(Tangentially: it is completely awesome to click on Dan’s video and have it Just Open in my firefox nightly. Big thanks to the firefox folks in taking the jump to include <video>- I’m not sure it is ‘innovation’ per se but it is pretty awesome :) Now, we just need to work on the production side…)