epic airline fail

Any one of these is a bad sign for your airline:

  • won’t offer even a cup of water for less than $2
  • has ads on the tray tables
  • has discontinued all in-flight entertainment

If you’re doing all three, you’re US Airways.

Seriously… is there a companion to seatguru.com that says “with this airline, you’ll save $X, but you’ll lose Y” of legroom and have to put up with _____”? You’d think orbitz (or something like it) would want to integrate this kind of information into the reservation process, but I’ve never seen it, and would love to.

(Ed. later: forgot to mention that the method of advertising on tray tables claimed to be patented. Forgot to write down the patent number, but the closest I can come up with is this, which is another spectacularly bad example of what is wrong with the modern patent system.)