I voted; polling place was mad though not quite mad enough to make for dramatic, blog-worthy pictures ;) We got in the wrong line at first. Might well have spent an hour in that line had someone else not mentioned we were in the wrong line. Turns out that our line was the shortest line in the whole place; we were in and out in about 15 minutes. All the gain, little of the pain.

cwoodruff of deepfriedbytes told me on twitter: “this will be a record turnout which shows how good people can get away from TV and celebrity gossip to do something good” I’ve long had faith that the American people can be trusted to (eventually) do the right thing; it is great to see that in action today, and even better that it seems to be mostly for the right reasons.

At any rate, we can be pretty sure what the outcome will be, but whoever you support (I voted both Working Families and Republican today (against a complacent, corrupt-ish incumbent)) I urge you to get out and vote- the energy out there should be hearten you about the future, regardless of your leanings.

3 thoughts on “voted!”

  1. Well, at least you got to go to a physical location to vote. :) In Oregon, we vote by mail, so my first voting experience was much less exciting and dramatic than I had hoped. In fact, it reminded me of paying my bills…

  2. rodica: yeah, I’m actually really torn on the new ‘distribution’ of voting; I like that it seems to increase participation but it robs us of civic ritual, and civic ritual is important to building social capital. Ah well… move to a state with in-person voting next time we have a massively historic election ;)

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