I may have to become a deletionist, and other ‘me’ news

This is a little ridiculous. Flattering, but ridiculous. :) (Seriously, a good example of the rationale behind the deletionist position- some articles just don’t get enough ‘eyes’ to fix their errors. I think I’m still an inclusionist, on balance, but I can see the rationale.)

In other ‘me’ news, the guys at Deep Fried Bytes have posted a podcast I did with them a few weeks ago. We rambled all over the place, and had a fun enough time doing it that it ended up being two podcast episodes; second part not posted yet. Beware: I say nice things about Office 2007; if that disturbs you, might not want to listen. (I also dump all over OpenOffice, but that is mostly old news.)

I’ve also posted a slightly edited version of my slides from my visit to Duke. ODF only until OOo 3.0’s export mechanisms get better, I’m afraid.1 I did promise to answer more questions on the blog, but real life has intervened. I will try to get to it soon, though.

  1. For the record: notes are necessary to comprehend these slides. The PDF export with notes enabled is unreadable (the slides become black text on black background); the SWF export, while cool, contains no notes; and the HTML export is just plain not working as far as I can tell. []