Durham, higher education, and me

I’ll be in Durham this weekend; I’m not sure how much time I have free, but drop me a note if you’d like to grab a meal or beverage of choice.

The formal reason I’ll be in Durham is to give a guest appearance at CompSci 82, Technical and Social Foundations of the Internet. I have been involved in academia previously (TAing a couple times, lecturing at the Sloan School of Business at MIT, and moderating a panel at Harvard Law School) but I’m pretty sure this is the first time anyone has been quizzed on the content of my blog. I am terrified at what this indicates for the future of our civilization. :)

Before anyone asks, I don’t know whether guests are welcome to sit in, and I also don’t actually know the time and location of the class. But if I figure those out, I’ll post here.

(Informally, I have tickets to blue/white and the football game and extensive eating plans. But really, the class appearance was scheduled first.)

4 thoughts on “Durham, higher education, and me”

  1. The class apparently meets M/W @ 1:15 in LSRC B101 (aka Gay Love Auditorium). HTH! Obviously wait for Owen/Sam to let you know, but my guess is that if there’s psysically room in the class, they’d be OK with visitors. They’re both pretty easygoing people.

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