creative commons picture script request?

I’m doing a lot of slide show work of late, so I was wondering if any of my readers knew of an in-image equivalent of the gfwa script I use on the blog? Basically, I’d love to know of (or have written?) a script that, given an image, a license, attribution strings, etc., would spit out the image plus an unobtrusive overlay containing the proper attribution information, so that I could put the image into the slide and preserve the requisite licensing information.

Something like adding the following in the lower righthand corner of this:

but less ugly (and more license-compliant; any CC-expert readers might want to weigh in in comments on the state of the art for citation in non-web-y formats like pictures/slide-decks.)

To be really kick-ass the script would probably need to take a font color and corner (upper left, upper-right, etc.) but I’ll settle for having that hard-coded for now.

Lessig handles this by including a list of attributions, links, etc., on the final slide, which may be appropriate for particularly image-dense presentations, but I’d like to experiment with this for now- it feels more appropriate anyway, especially if it can be done in a low impact, aesthetically pleasing way.