enjoying having Krissa around again

Besides all the obvious reasons that I’m pleased to have Krissa around, it is always a real joy to hit a farmer’s market with her. We are well stocked for tomorrow. :)

The San Francisco farmer’s market is a very different beast from the ones in New York- we don’t get citrus and rice (among many other things) in Union Square. You probably really could eat solely from the farmer’s market here, and you just couldn’t in New York.

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  2. Union Square is the last place you would want to grab your groceries from. The little “markets” there are good if your passing by from lunch break and want to grab a banana or something after stuffing yourself from nearby wendy’s. I would suggest you take a look at Jackson Heights (74th Street, roosevelt in queens) or China town ( Canal Street in manahattan). Jackson heights is the main place though. Especially if your desi or spanish.

  3. Yeah, one thing I miss about Melbourne is being able to easily eat (with a huge amount of variety, all extremely fresh, and almost all organic and very honest, as well as kickarse wine, cheese, bakers, misc. ethnic goods — esp. South-East Asian, etc) from any of Queen Vic, Prahran, Preston or Sth Melbourne markets.

    Helsinki … not so much. ;)

  4. The Union Square farmer’s market is in New York right? Which one did you go to Luis? The Ferry Building (ritzy but pretty cool), Civic Center (solid, most like Haymarket, but a lot of non-food), Noe Valley (good for $8.00 Arugula and not much else), Alemany (far south but good in the morning), or somewhere else?

  5. bronson: Ferry Building. Ritzy but ridiculous selection.

    belal1: maybe we’re talking about different Union Square markets? The Union Square Green Market is one of the largest farmer’s markets in the country and must have one of the most diverse varieties of food of any farmer’s market in the northeast US. But definitely no bananas- everything has to be local.

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