san francisco, etc.

I have to say it is pretty easy to fall in love with this place, especially on days like yesterday when it is clear and not too hot but not too cold- spent most of the day in a park relaxing at the birthday party of a friend of a friend.

dolores park

dolores park by Beth Rankin. License:

There were people in the park collecting petition signatures for (1) prostitution legalization and (2) naming the sewage treatment plant after George Bush. (Big Sort indeed.)

I am still having problems getting used to the transportation thing- I’m just not used to getting in a car to go places when I’m in a city. When I’m home in Miami, or in North Carolina, cars come naturally- but somehow it seems different and wrong here. And that is even before you have to deal with parking. I think an old beater for train<->office commute + zipcar for in the city might be the best compromise, not sure.

Work itself remains equal parts interesting and educational; difficult to say more about it than that at the moment- still too much to take in and make sense of, especially in a public forum like this one. Suffice to say that I really like the people at the firm, and much of the work is interesting and stimulating. Both of these things would have surprised me two years ago. :)

Oh, and singing ‘Creep‘ in Rock Band is quite a bit of fun, it turns out. No real danger of me buying an xbox, but if you need a singer for your next Rock Band party, I’m available…

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  1. Why do you need a car in SF? Do you work outside the city or something?

  2. You could get a PS3 instead. Or even a Wii now, although Rock Band on the Wii is kind of crippled (no downloadable content)

  3. no one in particular: working in menlo park, and not particularly near caltrain on either end. (And even if I didn’t live in menlo park, SF mass transit is burningly mediocre, as far as I can tell. Unless you’re going to or from one of the very few places served by BART.)

    Jeremy: hrm, didn’t know Wii was an option, though you’re right that no downloadable content sucks. (And the graphics on the Xbox are impressive- I assume less so on Wii.)

  4. Luis: yeah BART is mostly useless, but the city is tiny enough (at least the top half of it which contains all the parts worth going to) that the Muni light-rail trains and buses generally suffice in my experience. Although I pretty much ride my bike everywhere, so I don’t end up taking public transit too often.

  5. I live in the Mission, so I’m in that useless bottom half, as best as I can tell. Or at least, I like the mission, but there appears to be no place I’ve found yet that is (1) interesting (2) out of walking distance and (3) takes less than an hour to get to by bus. I’ll probably not live in the mission next year, but in the meantime my impression of the walkability/mass-transit-ability of the city is poor.

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