Istanbul Mosque at Sunset

Istanbul Mosque at Sunset by David Dennis. License:

Marked out of my Tracks TODO list: purchase tickets for Istanbul. Soooo psyched.

(Pretty pleased about completing my first week at work too, but still a little too overwhelmed by that to actually write anything. I need to, though…)

6 thoughts on “Istanbul!”

  1. To be honest, i didn’t really like Istanbul. Yes, of course Topkapi Saraye,the Blue Mosque and Taksim etc are pretty, but there is almost nothing in terms of complete historical neighbourhoods. All neighbourhoods i’ve been to seem to have been constructed fairly recently, which just makes it an ugly city with some nice buildings. All IMHO and YMMV of course.

  2. you are in for a treat, bahcesehir university is right next to the bosporus. make sure you see the hagia sophia and grand bazaar in addition to the places Max mentioned.

  3. Have to agree with Max. Istanbul is a weird city – despite such a massive history the city itself has been mired by nonsensical construction.

    I visited all the typical mosques/etc while there, but the coolest places I visited was the Basilica Cistern. I highly recommend getting into a tour of the cistern. I didn’t really like the bazaar myself – it was like a walk through china town in NYC… only bigger.

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful view of Istanbul. It is a city very much after my own heart, and I am glad that so many people take an interest in its beauty.

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