podcast recommendations?

I find myself with lots of podcast-appropriate car time1, and correspondingly my blog-reading time has cratered. And I was given an ipod on my first day of work.2 So… anyone have any recommendations for podcasts worth listening to? I’ll probably try to catch up on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum music podcasts, these boneheads,3 and the Redmonk crew, but otherwise I really have never listened to podcasts and don’t even know where to start. Recommendations either technical or non-technical (like the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum feed, or good legal podcasts?) welcome.

  1. So far about 90-100 minutes a day worth of driving. I am looking at ways to make that public transit instead of driving, but it looks unlikely to be fixable over the summer. Hopefully fixable next year. []
  2. sadly a third-gen nano; apparently no rockbox love for that? []
  3. I kid because I love []