new headshot

I got interviewed last week for a piece. I also got LASIK over spring break, after 22 years of glasses. (It’s been a month without them and I’m still pretty psyched.) The result of the above two facts is a new headshot, in best chinposin style:

Next necessary step: new hackergotchi, possibly from this picture (almost certainly not from the chinposin one.)

(And yes, I’ll get one that is slightly less swarmy/businessy at some point. If that’s what you need, you probably still want this one. :)

17 thoughts on “new headshot”

  1. without glasses how are you going to do that lawyer thing where you take them off and point and wave with them?

  2. […] you are clearly an imposter. And this perfect-sighted intruder, whoever he is, should be hunted down, because I am Luis […]

  3. Nice mugshot ;)

    I am curious about your LASIK experience, as I’m considering it. If you have strong impressions pro or con (and you seem to be pro), can you please send me a note with your thoughts? (Or blog about it, or use whatever format you wish, you know how to reach me..)

  4. Yoav: pretty simple, really. You take a risk, and on the other side, you come out with a horror story (low probability) or you can see much better than you used to (high probability).

    I was reading 20/20 in both eyes in less than 18 hours after the surgery, and my right eye has stabilized to the point where it is probably now better than 20/20- left eye probably not *quite* 20/20 as it has stablized, but close enough that I can read all day with no noticeable eyestrain and have no need for glasses. This seems to be the most common outcome, especially if you work with a reputable provider. (I had mine done at the top-ranked eye hospital in the country, which happens to be in my hometown.)

    I found out afterwards that one of my classmates did it last summer and couldn’t see for 26 days, and they never did figure out why he couldn’t see or how he miraculously recovered on the 27th day. So… that’s a low probability outcome, but it is a real one.


  5. Braver man than me – my glasses (and occasionally contacts) will stay firmly on my head until there’s enough evidence to suggest that pointing lasers at your eyes doesn’t ruin them 30 or 40 years later.

  6. Yeah, my concern is precisely the same as Iain above. And, how will you ever do that thing where you take your glasses and polish them, without making eye-contact with the jury, while quietly delivering a devastating rebuttal to the opponent’s claims?

  7. the chinpose can’t offset the authority lost by the lack of eyewear, sadly.

    I did think about this long and hard. The solution is sort of obvious (unfortunately): go into a career where I’m expected to regularly wear a suit. ;)

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