I love the smell of a fascist state in the morning

Suspending the protection of the laws in favor of executive power: it makes the trains run on time gets fences built on time.

Brought to you by the people who decided we didn’t need that pesky fourth amendment anyway.

(Why yes, this did provoke me to finally renew my ACLU membership. Read more about what they are doing to make us safe and free here.)

6 thoughts on “I love the smell of a fascist state in the morning”

  1. While I agree that the Bush administration has almost been a complete and total disaster I don’t understand your support of the ACLU.

    Is it the same ACLU that defends the pedophiles in the North American Man Boy Love Association?
    The same ACLU that thinks it’s OK to limit your constitutional rights when they don’t agree with their socialist agenda? (Freedom of speech, religion, to bear arms)
    The same ACLU whose founder wanted to abolish your right to own private property and supported abolishing our form of government (as flawed as it is) with something much worse, Communism?

    Cubans just got the right to own DVD players and cell phones! I’m just waiting for them to increase the chocoration…double plus good!

  2. You know you’re moving up in the blogosphere because you get higher-class trolls. :)

    Just to point out that the trains thing wasn’t really true. of course this particular piece of jackboot landscaping may very well prove beyond their compentence threshold regardless of how many laws are broken, much like everything else they’ve put their hands to in the last seven years.

    – Chris

  3. OMG! They are bypassing environmental laws for the sake of national security. They’ll be loading us onto the trains next. Amazing that a single branch of government has so much power.

    Wait…they have congressional approval? Ok, its amazing that two branches of government have so much power.

    And one sec, these can be challenged in the supreme court? OK, so its astounding that we’d concentrate this amount of power into three branches of government.

  4. What’s funny is that at the other end of the country, the gov’t is making the exact opposite argument (well, at least an ironically different argument). There’s an international;y mandated treaty organization that keeps the border with Canada clear. One family decided to build a fence on the border in the effective “DMZ,” and now the Justice dept is saying it’s OK for a private citizen to build there, partially because forcing them to tear it down would be against the fourth amendment.

    ( http://thislife.org/Radio_Episode.aspx?episode=353 )

  5. There’s nothing new or unexpected in envirojerk orgs and slave traffikers acting together. I would not be surprised if same individuals were members of both, planting water stashes in environmentally conscious ways.

    As for ACLU, I have to say I’m starting to doubt their sincerety. About three years ago Steven den Beste observed that they were the last organization to support freedom for freedom’s sake and not afraid to alienate their (overwhelmingly leftist) donors. Every, and I do mean every other generally pro-freedom organization has sold out to the anti-American agenda by that time.

    But now it looks like they only defend “other” causes to maintain the fig leaf, while marshalling most of their resources to push what their donors want to push. The situation is especially dire in education, where FIRE has taken over from ACLU as the defender of downtrodden.

    In fact, the same happened in every corner. In geek realm, EFF. In gun rights, NRA. Essentially ACLU have become just another Amnesty International, increasingly marginalized and irrelevant.

    I don’t know, perhaps it’s just the life cycle of NGOs and the enthropy. Or the time for a voice for broad freedoms has passed for good. That would be sad.

  6. Just to point out that the trains thing wasn’t really true.
    Oh, of course not. That just makes the analogy more perfect- the fence isn’t going to protect anyone either.

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