spring ’08 new york diary

For a whole variety of reasons (birthdays, my brother’s extended visit, decision to leave NY post-graduation) Krissa and I have been making a serious effort to enjoy New York over the past few months. I’ll take the liberty of treating the blog as a personal diary (sorry casual readers), and put here a list of some things we’ve done since December ’07:

  • theater: we saw a puppet show about a Norwegian Jew who died in the holocaust. I’ve been curious about professional, ‘adult’ puppetry since the use of puppets in Being John Malkovich, and when I saw this show reviewed, I knew I needed to see it. Well worth it- really interesting use of the form. We also saw Patrick Stewart as Macbeth; really incredible despite our not-so-great seats.
  • flamenco (x2!): for my birthday, I was given tickets to two different shows in the New York Flamenco Festival. Really incredible shows both- Eva Yerbabuena had tremendous technique and presence; and Son de La Frontera was uniquely interesting.
  • jazz: I was unfortunately sick, so I couldn’t enjoy it fully, but we took in a very good show by Marcus Roberts at the utterly incredible Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Also went to Smoke a couple times- lots of fun to have a good jazz club less than a ten minute walk away.
  • museums: we finally went to the interesting Transit Museum. It needs an investment to make the signage and layout more modern, but still, really interesting stuff in understanding the growth of the city. Nice to take in while attempting to tackle The Power Broker. Also went back to the MAD for their ‘Extreme Embroidery‘ exhibit- I think MAD may be my favorite, quirkiest New York Museum.
  • Brooklyn: after not going to Brooklyn pretty much since moving here, I’ve gone three times, once for a party and twice for cultural events.
  • food: we’ve eaten well. More visits to Pukk and Caracas Arepa Bar– our favorite cheap-ish places in New York. On the non-cheap side, the highlight was a meal at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, lovingly detailed by Krissa. It was her 30th birthday, and truly a joyful, wonderful meal.

And now, a picture of that last dinner, in pre-processed form:

Yummy in my tummy.