tracks 1.5 released!

As I’ve mentioned before, I live in Tracks, a web-based Getting Things Done-like tool. For quite a while I’ve been living out of the unreleased preview version, because of the load of new features in there, like the ability to hide actions that don’t need to be seen yet and the rough-but-functional mobile view.

tracks 1.5 thumbnail

You no longer need to run the unstable version to get these features- they, and a bunch of other ones are now in the released Tracks version 1.5. Go get it from the Tracks website. It won’t work for everyone, but I know it has made my life more organized and more efficient- leaving me more time for the fun stuff.

7 thoughts on “tracks 1.5 released!”

  1. Hi Luis!

    How do you use Tracks?
    On a remote webserver and access it form anywhere? Or locally with the web server running on your comp?

    If it’s on a remote webserver, is it a server rent at a webhoster?
    It’s so hard to find a good web hoster that provides rails, if you’ve got a name, I’d be more than happy.

  2. Antono: that would be very interesting; especially the ability to convert an email directly into a tracks action.

    Boke: Remote webserver- among other things, I check the mobile thing from my crackberry and from my Nokia N-series devices.

    I host all my web services on, personally, but that may not be what you are looking for- it is a full OS that I can install anything I want on. You might look at for a hosted version?

  3. Thanks Luis, I’ll give a try at

    rimuhosting is not exactly what I’m looking for as a VPS or dedicated sever is a bit expensive for me, thanks anyway.

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