twittering for a change

The idea of blogging for 2 1/2 days sounded brutal; so I decided I’d experiment with ‘blogging with constraints’, aka ‘resisting my urge to write paragraphs by forcing myself to only write 140 characters at a time.’ Only tool I have for that (unfortunately) is twitter, which is imperfect, but I’m giving it a go…

6 thoughts on “twittering for a change”

  1. I’ve enjoyed your twitter comments but I can’t seem to find where you posted what event you are at. From what I can tell you’re at some kind of MS event ….

  2. What don’t you like about Twitter?
    The obvious bits (for me): proprietary, non-distributed, etc. Basically, it should have been a Jabber server with a character limit and a web front end.

  3. jcallina: I’ve been reading you via your blog republication. Client-wise, I’ve been using the web, but prior to that (for lower-volume) pidgin/gaim was just fine for my purposes

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