reason for more flickr pictures

BTW, people may have noticed that I’m using a lot more flickr pictures of late; the reason is that I found (and modified to my taste) Patrick Mueller’s ‘get flickr with attribution (gfwa)‘ greasemonkey script, and it makes posting cc-licensed flickr pictures easy.

Firefox Cookies

Firefox Cookies by Amit Agarwal. License:

GFWA is one of the many little goodies that makes firefox more than a web browser to me- it’s a platform with valuable and interesting things built on top of it. That’s why I have a hard time getting excited about people discussing relative speeds of webkit v. gecko. I don’t object to the webkit-gecko competition; it seems to be one of the factors motivating the gecko folks to work on performance, which is great, and if webkit can provide a better platform for renderer embedding, that holds out the prospect of more innovation at the platform level. But right now I’m primarily interested in what value can be built above that rendering layer, and so far, firefox wins that category in a landslide as a result of the vast number of plugins and scripts available for it.

(Tangentially, I would love to do this search with a generalized image search engine instead of just flickr, but it appears none of the major search engines do the combination of image search and license search. I presume this in part because the non-flickr publishing tools aren’t very good at embedding CC licenses yet (*cough*gallery*cough*)- but I really don’t know.)