good news/bad news, Mozilla Messenger edition

We could communicate

We could communicate
by Bill Stilwell. License:

bad news (in my mind): lots of focus on ’email’ rather than ‘communication’ in the recent discussion of the renaming/rebirth of Mozilla MailCo as Mozilla Messaging, and even some comments that could be read as negative on the idea of integrating various communications technologies into a competent whole.

great news: the Messaging user experience designer is someone who really, really gets it.

On balance, I’m suddenly wildly optimistic about MailCo. Maybe I will use a non-web mail client again at some point in the near future.

Now, if I can just sneak Bryan a copy of GTD, since they apparently still want to do calendaring…

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  1. Mozilla Messaging has been formed! And yes, that’s me in there; I’ve made a new home with Mozilla Messaging so look forward to much more talk about email, calendaring, and communication in general.Luis pointed out, the name born from MailCo is Mozilla Messaging, a change that I believe brings the correct focus to the coming efforts. Since the launch I’ve been reading lots of different articles about the launch and the related comments following peoples

  2. I still dream of the day when someone figures out a way to combine my list of next actions (some of which have hard deadlines associated with them, some of which do not) with a calendar (so I know when I have things scheduled, and which times are “free”). Right now I use GCal for calendaring and Tracks for actions, but I haven’t found a single application that combines them on one page where I can manage both.

  3. Could you elaborate on your last line? The reason i am currently using TB is because of the nicely integrated calendaring/tasks/contacts with zindus and lightning…

  4. Bart: frankly I’d assumed that they’d be dropping calendaring, as (to me) calendaring and email have traditionally been lumped together because that is what Outlook does, instead for any particularly good reason.

    That said, as Rob points out, a good tool *would* do the GTD thing and integrate the inbox as a source of tasks and deadlines, so it isn’t crazy- but after a couple decades of software trying to solve that problem no one has done it well yet.

  5. Luis, did you see Chandler’s last reinvention was as a GTD manager? I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t, since “Chandler” has been as funny as “Daikatana” for some time now.

  6. James: I did get told about it… the day before they announced they were pulling the plug. That made me disinclined to invest in playing with it…

  7. I played with chandler during the last few cycles; It really did have some good ideas that were very GTD-based, I thought it had promise, pity about the funding.

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