class notetaking rant

So… if you’re given a wiki to take notes into to share with your classmates, and you’re typing notes, why would you not type notes into the wiki? Lots of typing and at least some visible notetaking last week, but nothing in the wiki. So… I’m back to being the class notetaker. Mumble. Yay for sharing! Grumble. (And I’m a lousy notetaker… the rest of the class deserves better.)

(Admittedly the text editor for twiki is pretty bad, but… urgh. It isn’t that hard.)

(And admittedly this would all be way better if we had actual collaborative editing, instead of having to ‘assign’ it to someone every week. But still….)

10 thoughts on “class notetaking rant”

  1. Martijn: I have, but it has (relative to webapps) a high barrier to entry and to publication post-class. Still nice, though.

  2. Martin: eeeeenteresting.
    dcraven: The problem in this particular case is twiki’s really bizarro markup; I’ll look at It’s All Text but unless it has twiki-specific markup support it won’t really help the core problem.

  3. I see. I misunderstood the problem as an issue with non-rich text boxes in general. The addon I mentioned simply lets you use an external editor more easily. In turn, the chosen editor can support TWiki syntax in the form of appropriate highlighting. It helps a bit, but is not a solution. Cheers.

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