CLE opportunities past and future

Twice in the past few days I’ve been asked to sign up for Continuing Legal Education (CLE). Sadly, I have to ‘graduate’ first. Oops. Still… each was interesting:

The Friday CLE opportunity was at Columbia’s symposium on Fair Use. Mike Madison has a good summary of the symposium, as part of a broader post on Fair Use. The links to Rebecca Tushnet are particularly useful- she always has spectacularly detailed post-conference writeups that are great reads for people who weren’t there.

The upcoming CLE opportunity that I had to pass on is at the Open Source Business Conference– two days worth of CLE for those interested in open source licensing. This certainly isn’t the only way to learn about free/open licensing (SFLC‘s conference in the fall included a CLE option, and they also offer an extended stay program for practicing professionals who want to get very in-depth with the topic) but the lineup should be solid as usual- I definitely look forward to attending next year if I can.