on robert on obama

dude: of course Obama is nuanced like that. If he’d argued any other way at Chicago Law, he’d have woken up in bed next to a bloody copy of some Posner text. If he was lucky. If he was unlucky, he’d wake up in bed next to bloody copies of all the Posner texts.

(Slighly more seriously, someone makes the same point when discussing the supposed Obama ‘waffle’ on Iraq.)

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  1. Adam: uh? All of the links are specifically about U. Chicago Law School, and my joke is particularly about Richard Posner, their most well known professor, both of which are well known for being focused on economics and an almost hyper-rational approach to law and the broader world. Really has very little to do with any other form of education, including my own law school…

  2. I didn’t say he was nuanced, I said he was bold. And I wasn’t surprised by it.

    The bigger shock to me was Gov Richardson lying through his teeth on a technocratic policy issue.

    And Senator Obama was just a lecturer at Chicago. I don’t think Posner cared what he said or how he said it.

  3. Actually there are better people in U. Chicago to ask — almost any other laurerat of Nobel Prize of Economics there would better answer the questions about this than the Judge Posner.

    I am so glad I am out of legal academia so I can make fun of him ;-)

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