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  1. s “moderated screen-casting” rocks! About Open Source Fat check How could I possibly miss this new blog analyzing blog postings about open source and doing some basic fact-checking? A must read, thanks toLuis Villa. Fleury Gets an office – Savio reporting Fleury making public he became an advisor for Appcelarator, started an interesting conversation on Open Source business models shifting. Movable Type Open Source

  2. […] As a sad sack who has been writing about computers for too long well over a quarter of a century, I’m all in favour of facts and getting them checked. But it’s a little hard to tell whether this site is going to be doing that out of the goodness of its journalistic heart or not:This blog has a single purpose: to analyze blog postings about open source, and to do some basic fact-checking where necessary.I was slightly worried by the following:This has become more important because there is an increasing number of blogs which have a bias and political view-point they are trying to promote, and that are not being counter-balanced.This suggests it is more interested in politics than technology. One of the striking aspects of political blogs is how bloody tiresome they are, since they seem to descend into mindless ad hominem/ad feminam name-calling within about two comments to any post. At least technical corrections can be kept objective and civil (well, mostly.)Nonetheless, I welcome critical and objective coverage of writing about open source, particularly if it is applied even-handedly to *all* the players. After all, inspecting the source code is what it’s all about…. (Via Luis Villa.) […]

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