firefox nitpicks, revisited

[I’ve studied an immense amount the past 38 hours; this is a brain break while watching the terrible but enjoyable Gladiator.]

Someone recently linked to my old post on firefox nitpicks; I’ve also been using firefox three this week. Time to revisit…


  • direct bookmarks from url bar: ffox’s new ‘awesomebar’ is really quite nice. Finally caught up to ephy :)
  • bookmarks, generally: tags! woohoo! again, ffox catches up.
  • theming: new ffox is impressively integrated with gtk/gnome themes. There are some details that aren’t right- HIGginess generally- but still, overall, very impressive- can’t have been easy.

Not fixed/improved:

  • printing dialog: still not native; gets more painful now that the gnome printing dialog exposes lots of cups functionality. (Who knew my printer could do double-sided printing? Sadly, ffox still doesn’t, though apparently epiphany doesn’t expose the full functionality either.)
  • history in new tab: still doesn’t work. Yargh. At least there is a plugin.
  • window icon: booo.
  • clutter: seems to be about the same, overall. Still really should follow epiphany’s lead of separating preferences and personal information.

Ahead(?) of epiphany:

  • prism: prism is awesome; ephy should have done something like it ages ago. (Not actually integrated into ffox3 yet, but… details.)
  • speed: I actually have no idea how fast ephy is these days, but I can’t ever remember having a browser launch as fast as ffox3 does. Very impressive. Probably helps that I’m back to nearly-no-plugins state as a result of the upgrade.

The ffox guys should be proud- this looks like a very nice release, if still not perfect.