10 thoughts on “Rainbow’s End”

  1. Very nice book, even if it received mixed reviews at Amazon.

    But thanks for linking to the site containing the full text version and some illustrations made by Vernor Vinge. Did you notice the copyright statement at the bottom of the “Outer” image (http://vrinimi.org/front9uns.jpg), which says: “Vernor Vinge, 2006 (Using the GIMP)”.

    A GIMP user! Now I have to buy more of his books!

    (Although to be honest, he should have used Inkscape instead of GIMP for the line drawings and for the text)

  2. MG: ah, yeah, I was in a hurry this morning.

    Raphael: the book features Linux prominently. Past novels of his have featured unix epoch time as a plot device. And Second Life cites a short story of his as a major inspiration. Not surprisingly, he was a computer science professor before his books started to pay off. So… that he’s a gimp user doesn’t surprise me. I’d bet the book was written in emacs, actually ;)

  3. Luis: Of course he knows about Unix and Linux. As I just noted in my blog, he is even a member of the award committee for the FSF Free Software Awards (it’s a pity that he didn’t come or I didn’t see him when the awards were given at FOSDEM). But seeing an explicit reference to GIMP was very nice.

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