Luis, you still need to reduce the verbosity that pads your insights. Try to be better than the professional bloggers who name drop you, so you outlive them.

What’s scary is that (I think) law school has helped me get more concise. Still a long way to go, clearly. :)

5 thoughts on “hehehe”

  1. Luis –

    My general experience is that clarity and concision in both writing and speaking is a common characteristic of lawyers – at least, of good ones, which I assume you will be. Oddly enough, my experience over the years with the GNOME crew has been that these are also characteristics of good hackers.

  2. Luis – I’ve never noticed verbosity in your writing.

    My clarity and “concision” (is that a word, John Fleck? If not, it should be) came from working in public radio. Writing in natural language, in a way that you will immediately be understood without requiring the listener to work too hard, is challenging, but soon you find you can in fact communicate the vast majority of what you need but in a more essential way. It helped my grad school writings a lot.

  3. Rekha: you’ve never noticed because 90% of my writing that you read is on a mailing list that prizes the quick and the witty ;)

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