new Society for Law, Science, and Technology website

This year, I’m co-president of the Columbia Law School Society for Law, Science, and Technology (aka CLS SLST); after many moons of a very static, very outdated page, I finally got my act together and got up a wordpress installation. Many thanks to Stuart Sierra for helping out, to the various other organizations who helped or inspired the site, and to the folks who put together wordpress and the various plugins we have used in the site.

The calendar is sparse for the rest of the semester as we head into exams, but that should pick up after Christmas with a patent reform panel and other events.

[Original picture by me.]

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  1. ”’The Columbia Law School promotes discussion of technology and its influence on law and social policy.”’
    Technology is playing an important role in how lawyers work, and how the law is being used in The Netherlands as well. We would like to learn from Columbia Law School. A good examples from theory-to-practice is the site from a Dutch non-profit organisation Their laywers and customers work together online, to speed up the process. Soon all the text will be in english as well. Have fun exploring the site, feel free to leave your comments and we can all learn a lot. Regards,
    Ronald Scheer

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