12 thoughts on “fedora 8 on X41 tablet Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad”

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  2. Jonathan: I have not. I know it is possible (specifically, Emperor Linux had it working for me when I bought it) but I don’t know how that was done and have not gotten it working under Fedora.

  3. Getting rotation to work automatically shouldn’t be that hard, it’s mostly a matter of having something watch for the keypress and then do the appropriate xrandr bit. I suspect either doing that within the X server itself or, if there’s a desire to keep the policy out of the X server, in gnome-settings-daemon is pretty straight-forward.

    Improving some of the out of the box experience with tablets in particular is on the list of little things that I want to spend a little time on for Fedora 9 as I’m considering getting a tablet to use myself for school come January ;-) That likely includes the autoration bits.

  4. Jeremy: thinkpad-acpi is already generating ACPI events; it just needs something to monitor those. Bugs are filed as 366211 and also 365951.

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