red hat/novell patent Q&A

Because people asked…

Q: will you be doing a Q&A on the Red Hat and Novell patents suits?

A: Are you crazy? :) I’ve worked for both companies and managed a team that may well have written or implemented the code at issue. I’m not touching that in public with a ten foot pole. :)

Q: but! but!

A: Go read Mark Radcliffe’s summary. Better starting place than I’m going to give you. :)

Q: any notes you might want to add?

A: the complaint clearly involves not one but three patents; make sure you take your news with a grain of salt and remove your tinfoil hats before reading. :)

Q: seriously? that’s it?

A: I’m sure I’ll end up chatting with SFLC about the whole thing and may at some point have some comments for GNOME, or at least the board. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, I wouldn’t look to me for much more than that, at least until SFLC as my lawyers tell me I should ;)

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