why I was asking for tux images- engraved laser tux

Much more subdued, subtle, and tasteful (i.e., more in keeping with my current profession) than my previous Pile o’Stickers approach to laptop decoration.

Lasering courtesy Adafruit Industries, who are very cool people- highly recommend them if you’d like to do something fairly interesting and unique with your digital toys.

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  2. Did they do it straight onto your laptop, or did they do some test runs first? I’ve played around with laser engraving (with a CO2 laser), and it took thousands of pieces of scrap metal for me to get the damn thing right. Then again, they’ve been doing it a while, and it was my first time.

    Anyway, it looks good. :-)

  3. One test run on low power/low DPI on paper placed on top of the laptop first, then two higher power/max DPI passes on the laptop itself.

    Unfortunately tux fades from darker to lighter, since it turns out the laptop’s top was not exactly parallel to the plane of the laser’s movement. But they’ll check for that in the future, and it still looks pretty good, I think.

  4. Ajax got a shadowman on his laptop from a shop in California when he went to an X conference a while back. Looks pretty slick.

    I wonder if it would be possible to do multiple passes at different angles to create hologram like effects.

  5. Surely the black parts of tux should be engraved, and the background not– was staring at it for ages before I figured out what it was!

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