glowing, gushing followup on my merely positive roomba review

So, I had a positive roomba review a few weeks ago. I humbly submit that that review was wrong. What should have happened was a totally raving, ‘this is the greatest thing since sliced bread’ review.

cat and older roomba

Here is what I know now that I didn’t know then: the old roomba ate things- shoelaces, power cords, rug fringes, etc. This meant that every time you ran the roomba, you had to make the room safe first.

This is no longer the case. The new roomba seems completely unwilling to eat anything. It detects that something is caught and spits it out. I’ve deliberately tried to force it to behave badly, and it refuses.

This might not sound like a big deal if you haven’t had a roomba, but it is actually huge. In the past, running the roomba was sort of a big deal- it was easier than vacuuming, to be sure, but it still took several minutes of scanning the apartment for obstacles and potential problems. Now every single time I leave the apartment I can trivially vacuum. I just hit the button and go, with no worries.

I’m actually now regretting not getting the more advanced model- in the past, the timer (where you can tell the robot to vacuum on specific days at specific times) seemed silly to me, since you’d still have to remember to clean the floor. Now that you don’t, the timer seems like a great idea- but my model won’t support it. Oops.

Overall, not eating things upgrades the new roomba, for me, from ‘pretty nice’ to ‘every apartment should have one.’ Go forth and bring on the robot revolution.

[Not my cat or my roomba, but cute anyway. Picture by Eirik Newth under CC-BY 2.0. Thanks, Eirik!]